Modern Bohemian Styled Shoot {Glass Chapel Tulsa,OK}

Alright friends… If I am being completely honest I am always SO NERVOUS going into these wedding shoots. It’s probably my most vulnerable time as a photographer because for one- I am still SO NEW to the photography world and for two- some of the photographers I look up to the most are at these shoots and their work is beautiful and inspiring. Being new I feel like not only do I have so many questions but that so many of my questions or comments are going to be completely obsolete or even laughed at. This is NEVER the case but being new and hard on myself, it is how I feel. The support I have received from fellow photographers and mentors is one of my absolute favorite things about the photographer communities I am apart of. I have been able to grow so much as a photographer in a short amount of time because of these amazing people who are willing to listen, guide, and teach me life long industry lessons. This event was no different. So, to all those who participated in this event, THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your time, talents, and knowledge with me. It is truly irreplaceable.

Now for the fun part!!!

Okay, fisrt off, none of this day would have been possible without the vision of Andi Bravo and the work of so many amazing vendors. Andi and Daniel (who is an AWESOME videographer if you are looking for one!!) were the perfect hosts and wonderful teachers. I can honestly say everyone I was able to work with I could easily recommend for your special day. The Glass Chapel located just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma is seriously SO DREAMY!!! I may have a new favorite wedding venue here in Oklahoma! It would definitely be on my list if I was getting married here in Oklahoma. It’s quiet, the grounds are beautiful, and the natural light elevates the mood. Uh!! I was in heaven with everything. Yep, still dreaming over it. Malyn from Maylan Made Weddings was our coordinator and co-designer for the day.  She is incredible. She was there at every turn and anticipated everyone’s needs! Talk about a stress-free atmosphere! Bailey from Crooked Roots Design is a magician with florals. Floral design and composition is something that continues to amaze me to this day! Hair and make-up for this event was done by two amazing women: Ash Franke and Marci Gaines. I love the natural glam these talented women were able to bring to the shoot. The detail to the details of the cake Laurannae Baking Co. and the fun bar and mixed drinks from Blue Label Bartending elevated the mood to another level. The details in both of these aspects was remarkable! If you are even in need of an invitation suite, Laurel and Marie will take car of all of your stationary needs! They are the sweetest and went out of their way to teach me about each part of their wedding suites and it’s importance. And of course, there are all of the tiny little details that often go unnoticed but all are so important in completing your special day! Mike from Lionsroad was so fun to work with and was a huge help throughout the day. All of the individual piece of furniture, the table clothes and linens, candlesticks and table settings… None of that would have been possible without Party Pro Rents, La Vintage, and Tried and True. The macrame details by House Sparrow Nesting and bridal gowns from Tesori Bridal helped add the perfect touches to this bohemian dream wedding shoot.

Walking away from this shoot I can honestly say I was blown away by two things. First, the amount of work and small details it takes to make something this incredible possible. Second, the vendors make your day possible and every detail perfect. The knowledge I was able to gain from speaking with and working alongside these vendors is something that will stay with me throught my photography career. I can’t wait to work with them again!


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