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Professional photography sessions can be a little intimidating especially if it is your first time having profession photos taken. Trust me, I get it. I wasn’t always the one behind the camera. Because I know how awkward and at times overwhelming it can be I have developed a system that helps eliminate the stress many of my clients have experienced in the past and make sure each session with me is comfortable and fun!

So, what can my clients count on?

First, at booking each of my clients receive a client guide with my favorite tips and tricks for making you and your family look a like a million bucks! It is a full styled guide that walks you through color palettes, the best clothing choices for him and her, and add-ons to make your shoot look more editorial.There are ideas for a second looks as well for those who are interest (my seniors and couples especially). This style guide is SO important because how you dress really does affect the overall feel of the session, how the final images are going look, and most importantly how the final images will make you feel. The guide also has information about location selection, the timing of the session, and some tips and tricks for making sessions run smoothly with little ones. This helps give you a road map on how to help things go smoothly from day one of booking with me through the end of your session.

When on location my couples and families are always amazed at how quickly time flies! Even with little ones in tow. I believe that joy is the best way to keep things moving forward. Keeping little ones involved and entertained (whether it be a break-out session for a quick snack or a quick game of hide-and-seek between dad and brother while capturing mom and his sisters) aids in moving the session forward and dramatically decreases melt down moments (for kid, parents, and fiances, ha!)! Because one of my main focuses is capturing the fun and intimate moments of each couple, individual or family, I believe time to just be is so important. Time to be silly, play, cuddle, and most importantly laugh so we will take a few minutes to experience all of those emotions together during our session. I love those special lost-in-love looks those quiet moments create AND those sweet little giggles from a little girl being tickled by her daddy; real life moments that capture the joy you feel everyday that will stand as a reminder of the love and joy you share daily. Also, I know sometimes little ones just aren’t feeling it during a session. It’s okay! Give yourself and the little one some grace and time to get into the session. Remember, this is a new experience for them! The family client guide has some ideas for helping sessions with littles run more smoothly!

“I’ve never been in front of a profession camera so I don’t know what to do.” “I always look so awkward!” “I never know what to do with my hands.” “My fiance (or husband) hate taking pictures and never smile.” “My kids will never listen.” “I haven’t been in pictures since before the babies came.” “I don’t feel good about my body so can I just stand in the back?” Have you ever heard on of these comments?? Maybe you’ve been the one to say any number of these whether in your head of out loud…Trust me, I have heard so many worries that I could write a book but guess what? I have experienced SO MANY of these same worries and struggles. The truth is that all of us have worries about being in front of a camera regardless of the occasion. It’s completely natural! This is why I have focused so much time and effort on learning and creating a no-stress coaching system that helps couples, individuals, and families achieve those picture-perfect poses that look natural and capture the love you share and the joy you feel! This is hands down one of the biggest “THANK YOU!” items I hear from my clients. It eliminates so much of the stress and worry that they are even able to enjoy their photo session and walk away feeling confident in their session and themselves. I love getting to see my clients relax and have their sessions become experiences they look forward to instead of ones they dread.

Lastly, you can expect fun. I love my simple, calm, and quiet moments but you can bet I am always up for a good time! Whether the good time is because we are shooting at the top of a mountain or because the two-year-old wants to see every picture of himself,  our time together will be stress-free.

I truly believe in the system I have created because it works. It eliminates stress, accomplishes the best results quickly, and creates a safe environment for all parties involved. I cannot wait to meet you and capture those perfect moments that will last for generations to come!

Client Experience and Reviews

Rebecca C. “Beth was fantastic to work with! I love her style and she really captured personalities and the moment with our family of 6! I highly recommend her work. Can’t thank her enough and look forward to future shoots!”

Afton C. “Beth has an amazing eye for all of the details that make an incredible picture! She is patient and kind in arranging all of the subjects, especially the baby!, and making it a very enjoyable experience for everybody. I highly recommend her for your special events and personal/family photos!”

Lori S. “Beth has a great eye for symmetry, lighting, and posing/catching the unique special moments. She is a pleasure to work with.”


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