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I'm Beth. Mother of four, member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and wife to an AMAZING man who has battled with a pornography Habit for over 20 years.

After over 9 years of trial and Error, I'm here to tell you...

4 years ago Jared and I had just had our third child. Jared had recently landed what felt like the dream job making great money in the oil and gas industry straight out of grad school. And to top it off, we had an amazing schedule which allowed us to spend every Friday afternoon together as a family. We had just left the library, loaded our three kids in the car and were driving home when Jared got quiet. As we slowed to a stop in afternoon traffic he turned and said, "Beth, I need to tell you something. I messed up again. I told myself I was just browsing titles but then I didn't stop." To make matters worse we were, remember, sitting on the interstate in our car which meant I couldn't walk away. My jaw clenched. The tears came. And I had a choice to make. 

4 years ago I almost destroyed my family.

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