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Montana born and raised, I am a country boy at heart. Growing up in the mountains on the backs of horses made me truly appreciate the wonders of this world. My background as a Geologist makes me hands-down the best adventure buddy and homeschool science dad according to my wife. I have been around the world and love to travel almost as much as Beth does. If you need me you can find me on the court playing ball with my 4 brothers or playing street ball with my kids. I can cook you anything you'd ever dream of eating so long as all you dreamed of eating consisted of grilled cheese, quesadillas, smoothies or Puff Oven pancakes! Or cereal. Always cereal. 


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Wife first, momma second, photographer third and a whole lot of other things just like you! A long time ago I began shooting as a teenage aunt to a handful of sweet, little babies by the backyard pool where we swam and at the pond where we fished. I loved their expressions. There was no pretense - just authentic emotion. It is the absolute best to me! When I am not shooting you can usually find me in full mom mode trying to figure out this crazy fun adventure called homeschool or out in my garden talking to it and pretending like I know what the heck I am doing. Year 8 of a garden and this is the first year I am actually getting produce so I guess my conversationalist skills are working. Ha! I love to draw and watercolor even if I am not super great at it. I usually have chocolate multiple times a day and I have zero shame about that! Dark is definitely my favorites buuuut like with french fries I will basically eat it any way in comes. Except in ice cream form. Chocolate ice cream is a hard pass for me! I am an athlete through and through. I tore my shoulder up my first season of college ball but I still love to coach and you will find me on the soccer field as often as I am able to get there. This mombod still likes to kick it! When i'm feeling extra fancy Jared and I love to go golfing. I am what you would call awful, I mean, amateur but I actually really love it so we go anyways! By next year I am gonna be amazing though so just you wait for it! 

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Prescott Wedding Photographer | Arizona & Destination wedding photographer for family-oriented couples around the globe.

Do you remember that last picture you took with Gammie before she passed? Or that picture of you and your best friend at her wedding before she moved across the world and out of every-Friday-girls-brunch distance? For us, it was the family pictures we took a week before Beth's older brother was diagnosed with brain cancer. The joy, freedom and love those images now represent are priceless to us. Images form connections to people and places we cherish or to important points in our storyline. They are tangible visualizations of what is most important. Photographs become so much more than a picture when there is a person or a purpose behind them. Our goal is to capture the moments that tell the story of your legacy and those who impact it most. 

Why photos should matter to you, too.

We're storytellers...

When Jared and I first met, it was clear we were opposites in many areas while still sharing values. I am talkative and out-going, Jared is more quiet and observant. We both care about people and making them feel seen. While Jared is crazy book smart, I am more visual. Furthering our education is something we both invest in. I will plan my agenda completely around what is fun and social while Jared plans logically. We both focus on family time and balance. As husband and wife, we have learned how to combine our strengths to better address marriage and family situations. These strengths easily flow into our workflow and business. Whether I am shooting an editorial, lifestyle session or a wedding with Jared, we are able to use the experiences we have gleamed from our team and give clients an experience they can be both comfortable with and confident in. 

Over 9 years of team experience.

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Our favorite place to be will always be home! Home, where designer heels, cowboy boots and kid shoe sizes newborn - 3 line the front porch. Where there is always "too much noise", just enough mess to make everyone feel welcome, an endless array of children's art work taped to our walls, fridge and floor. Where lots of treats are snuck in between (and right before!) meal time. Home is where we are always ready to return to after our adventures around the world; where we've chosen to create a beautiful, messy life together. We pray every couple, no matter their vision for their future, is not only willing but dedicated to striving daily to create their ideal life AND legacy together because together will always be the best place to be. And living life inspired, together, will always bring the most joy and fulfillment. 

Simply we're family folks.

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If Jared could eat a milkshake a day and Beth could eat fries and chocolate every day, well, we would! Annnd we frequently do! One of our favorite things to do is drive to picturesque mountain towns, find one of those old candy shops or diners, grab a shake and some fries and find a view to enjoy while we talk about life and dream together. If our elevation is the exact opposite of mountains, you can bet we are still grabbing a milkshake for him, fries for her, ours books, beach cruisers and heading to the sand for a day of sunshine, ease and laughter.

Scenic drives with milkshakes and fries.

Prescott Wedding Photographer
Arizona & Destination wedding photographer for
family-oriented couples around the globe.

Both of us have our roots in small, country towns. Jared comes from small town Montana, Beth from one in Idaho. Jared grew up on the backs of horses while Beth grew up split between playing with the cows and living in the city. She will gladly wear her Hunter boots with the cows and her Dolce Vitas to the rodeo. Jared grew up in a family of basketball players and has a special love for high mountain valleys and family hunting trips. By trade, Jared is a geologist and makes the best traveling buddy because he has an answer for everything (or he makes it up confidently and we believe him!)! Beth is number 7 of 10 children and loves people. Hearing their stories and trying their food is definitely a favorite for Beth! Jared has quite literally been around the world and speaks Russian where he lived for 2 years before college. Beth has a degree in Marriage and Family Studies and although she doesn't have nearly as full of a passport, she is always up for the new destinations!  

Little known and small town grown.

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