My Favorite Sessions — Oklahoma Wedding and Newborn Photographer

In the past year, I have been able to gain more and more experience with a wide variety of photo shoot categories: seniors, engagements, weddings, maternity, hospitals, newborns, milestones, and memoirs. It’s been a year of incredible growth and skill development. I have learned what I am not necessarily good at and things that I cannot wait to shoot more of.

For today, I will share my favorites.  First, engagements. I love all the love! It is such a fun time period in life with so much hope and infinite dreams for the future. Jared and I were only engaged for 7 weeks (gasp! I know!) but those seven weeks were filled with laughter, memories, and stress. When Jared and I took the time to get dressed up pretty, go cuddle and laugh for some pictures, and then go out to dinner afterwards, it was one of the best memories from my engagement that I have. I love getting couples in front of my camera and seeing their dynamic. I love getting to capture those sweet looks of love in their eyes as they move towards forever together. I love those moments of laughter when the true joy they feel radiates from them! Getting to work with couples before their big day also gives me an edge on their wedding day. Couples I’ve worked with in the past are relaxed; they have the opportunity to relax and enjoy their wedding experience while trusting me that it is all under control.

My second favorite is newborns. Those sweet little toes and wrinkly skin get me every time! I do all of my newborn sessions in the hospital and in the home. I love seeing babies getting to spend their first days with their parents in the hospital. Those special first 24 hours are such an amazing opportunity for bonding between parents and baby; baby and siblings. The more children I have, the more I realize that I forget or get details mixed up. It is why I believe the pictures and moments are so special. The first few weeks after a baby is brought home are some of the most joyful, exhausting, beautiful, and difficult times. Life changed in a moment and adjusting to the wonder of this new little gift takes time. It is meant to be enjoyed even though sometimes it feels more like enduring. The special moments in the home with a new baby, whether it be the first new baby or baby number 5, are so special to me as a wife of 5 1/2 years and mother of three. Each time I get to photograph a newborn and their family, I am reminded of the goodness, grace, and love my Heavenly Father has for each of His children. This world can be dark and the fear of bringing children into it is real; trust me, I know because I have felt the fear, I still feel that fear. But a new baby is light,a baby is hope, and a baby is love; something this world could always use a little more of.

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