The Google Dot

Okay… So we got this super cool little device for Christmas called the Google Dot. Her name is Alexa. I know we are way behind in jumping on the Google Dot train but better late than never I guess. Well, a few months ago while we were traveling to visit family on a 6-week-road trip (yikes!), we got to stay at my sister Jamie’s house. Jamie has had an Alexa since before they were cool; that’s how cool Aunt Jamie is. Tank loves being at Auntie Jamie’s house and Alexa just made it better!

He LOVED Alexa. He even lovingly nicknamed her Alextica. (Probably because he is missing his front two teeth and couldn’t pronounce it right, ha!)

She did everything he asked.

“Alextica, turn off the lights.”

“Alextica. play Trolls soundtrack.”

“Alextica, put Cheetos on the shopping list.”

The list went on and on and ON! Seriously, Tank was in love. He talked to Alexa more than he talked to us while we were visiting. And Alexa always answered even when mommy or daddy didn’t.

“Momma, can I have a cookie?”

………………… mom silence………………

“Alextica, can I have a cookie?”

“Everyone deserves a treat now or then!”

See what I mean?? He had her wrapped around his little chubby finger. And the best was when he would run up to me and say “Momma, Alextica said I could have a cookie!” Um…. No…. When we left my sisters house he would even tell me he wanted to FaceTime Jamie so he could talk to Alexa. Not even joking!!! He was obsessed!

Fast forward to Christmas when we opened that little blue box… The Google Dot box… At first Tank didn’t realize what it was… Then the double take…


We don’t have any fancy lights for him to turn on or off but you better believe that he has Alextica playing The Greatest Showman or Sandstorm constantly. Which leads me to my next point.

I have decided I am going to rename Alexa to Alexa Please.

We LOVE our Alexa. I love my music, my voice automated timer, and my shopping list. BUT, mom is not Alexa. Tank is such a well mannered kid. His ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ manners have been almost perfect. But, Alexa doesn’t require any manners to work; hence the new name ‘Alexa Please’.

I will be the first to admit that I forget to say please at times, so here is to hoping my manners towards Alexa get better too! Here’s to helping technology be a tool for teaching manners!



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