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Four and a half years ago we were living in Jared’s parent’s basement in Montana while Jared finished writing his thesis and I finished my last 6 credits of my degree in Family & Marriage Studies. Henley had just been diagnosed with Plagiocephaly and we had just found out we were expecting our 3rd child. I was overwhelmed and needed out of the house and a hobby to keep my mind off of the multi-weekly trips to the hospital for fluids because I was so sick! 

The year before Jared had bought me a camera for my birthday. I had been taking photos for family and friends for years before this point and even flown to a couple of different locations for shoots but I had never thought of turning it into a business. 

About 6 weeks after taking on my first official “client” I received my first wedding inquiry from a local Montana girl asking me if I would shoot her wedding and I gladly said, “NO!” I only worked with babies and families and weddings were a whole other level of crazy I didn’t know a thing about and I didn’t care to learn about them. Persistence from the couple was key and finally, 3 weeks before their wedding I agreed. 

For the next three weeks I bought and completed my first photography course, bought a used full-frame camera, studied anything I could find online in between puking, taking care of a 1 and 3 year old and helping Jared on his thesis. I don’t think I had a good nights sleep up to the wedding!

The morning of the wedding I threw up multiple times (not sure if it was panic or pregnancy!), was so nervous I made Jared come and shoot the whole wedding with me last minute and the whole wedding day happened to be in full Montana windy fashion with 60+ mph wind gusts. I don’t even remember what happened that day once we got things started but what I do remember is thinking there was NO WAY IN HECK I was ever shooting another wedding. 

2 months later I was asked to shoot a wedding in Sad Diego, California for a couple I absolutely loved. Jared and I talked about how much I hated the first wedding but how fun it would be to fly to San Diego. I could go to the beach and feel the sun (two of my favorite things!) and he would stay home and watch the kids for me. 

I decided to give weddings just one more chance knowing full well I never had to shoot another again. 

We have been traveling for work ever since! 

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