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I’ve had a lot of questions about why I chose to get certified as a coach and why I went with The Coach Firm over some of the other more well known certification programs and life coach schools.

For me, furthering my education is something I believe in. I believe it is my responsibility to learn and develop at whatever I choose to do. That principal is one of the driving forces behind me certifying.

Much like with the photography industry, coaching isn’t actually regulated. Which means anyone can be a coach. That is great in many cases because it gives anyone the opportunity to create something and go! But unfortunately, it also creates a bad name for the industry in many situations.

Good coaches, while they can be tricky to find, are incredible resources! And just like with photography, a good photographer can be a huge asset!

And I always want to be considered an asset.

I care too much about the people I serve to waste their time and their money.

Coaching is an investment, I know that.

And I want to give them the absolute service I can. I also didn’t want to take 7 years getting to that point (just sayin’!) and the education I got in this particular certification program put me years ahead.

Now, the reasons I chose The Coach Firm over the other life coach certification programs is a little more extensive. But OH, AM I GLAD I took the time to research and compare programs before I made my investment.

Here are a few of my favorite reasons I went this direction!

  • The level of personal attention you actually receive from the firm and coaches is hands down the best in the industry. There is always someone ready to help on the other end. From the VERY BEGINNING when I was researching schools, I had personalized attention, questions answered and a point of contact. I cannot say that for the other two, “more popular” life coach programs I researched.
  • In the coaching industry it is a common belief that you are on your own emotional island. No one can make you feel anything and you can’t make anyone else feel anything. To me, this is unethical. I know very well the power I have to INFLUENCE others… If I stand there and yell at my kids or husband for 10 minutes and then when they are upset I absolutely believe that a portion of that situation is on me. I have no right to turn to them and say, “Well, sorry. I can’t make you feel that. It’s a choice.” For me, teaching responsibility in behavior was a HUGE reason I chose The Coach Firm.
  • External Trainings— Weekly office hours and trainings mean I am getting not only the coaching I need but also the help and resources I need to move forward. Breaking into the coaching industry is not the easiest thing in the world but Sarah and Jennifer (program founders) are dedicated to bringing in coaches who are there to help you get started.
  • Community is a must for me. This community, as stated above, really centered on my beliefs that coaching is intended to get you to a place where you are able to self-coach and thrive on their own. Dependency on coaches is something many industry schools pushed towards and while I think coaching is beneficial for all, I never want a client to feel they need to stay with me in order to succeed. I can also honestly say I have never once paid to be coaches by a certified coach in this program. As a coaching community, we help each other. Referrals are passed around, resources are reviewed and we help each other work through struggles we are experiencing. Coaches have become friends and they stay involved in the community.
  • Tools and Resources given to you by The Coach Firm are INCREDIBLE. You literally walk away with a program ready to go and that program changes lives. I could NEVER have gotten to where I am, constructing my own courses and programs without the resources they teach with and provide. The Mind Firm Method also aligns with my beliefs. I want my clients to have tangible tools in place when they leave my program so they can continue to coach themselves. That element of self reliance is not something pushed in our industry today by many unfortunately.
  • Sarah and Jennifer really encourage you to do the hard work in the program so you not only know the material but you live it. When I was getting certified, I put myself through the program. I used the resources, followed the system and have loved every step of the way! I learned skills that have helped me in everyday life situations with my husband and kids, extended family and random people on the street. A program that touches every aspect of your life is rare. This one does.
  • The Coach Firm built their program for you to take it at your own pace. Fore me, this was HUGE. I have four young children (ages 8 -17 months), another business I run part time, Jared is building his business annnnd we homeschool. So I needed the flexibility! While other program are limited time and rush you through the material, this one gave me the time to dig deep and really learn the material. It let me explore which parts worked best for my clientele and which parts I liked for different situations. For me, this was GOLD because it meant I could come out of the gate knowing the material and offering value immediately.
  • Lastly, the cost. Jared and I try our absolute best to follow the principles taught by Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University which means we are on a budget. And we stick to that without credit cards. NOT an easy thing to do with large purchases. If I was going to invest, it was going to be worth it. I spent weeks reaching out to individuals certified through other programs. Many were years in and felt like they were in debt, alone and not really sure where to go next. The cost of this program alone is less that both of the other institutions I research. I also don’t have monthly dues, fees to stay “current” and I have access to all my content and material AND I have access to the coaches through this program without paying. So I stay current, up to date and get industry research shared to me for free. I can honestly say that while it was half the cost of the other programs, it was NOT half the value. And the long term access is unmeasurable! I would make the investment 10x’s over!!!

If you are interested in a life coach certification program, make sure you have The Coach Firm on your list to call. Schedule your intro call HERE. Ask all your questions. And tell them I sent you their way! It is worth the time and worth even just the initial $13,000 you can save by going with a certification firm who has you, a future coach, at the heart of all their intentions. I promise you wont be disappointed!

We’ll chat soon!


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