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If there is something you should know about us, it is that we are open and honest. We find it is the best form of communication and situation management with each other as husband and wife and with our clients! From everyday marriage joys and struggles to wedding day reels and parenting failures, we will always be real with you. Have a question? Go ahead and ask! You'd be surprised at some of the random, crazy and yes, even shocking, questions we have gotten! P.S. Some of them have even gotten Jared to blush which is difficult to do! 

Welcome to the BH & Co. family!



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(Psst… Dad, if you are the main care giver at home these days, listen up! This is for you, too.) In the beautiful chaos of motherhood, it’s easy for moms to prioritize everyone else’s well-being over their own. Yet, taking time for self-care is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. This is something I am […]

Nurturing the Heart that Nurtures: A Guide to Self-Care for Moms

Life Coach

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Has the phrase “I just don’t even know where to start…” ever popped into your head?

Yes?? Thought so.

A few weeks ago Jared and I were listening to a podcast that talked about life’s ‘left turns’ and all of the ‘I don’t knows” we will encounter in this life. 

This idea of “living in the I-don’t-knows” captured my attention like few things do. 

It stuck, because, well, it was one of those things that I almost laughed out loud to and responded, “Welcome to my life!”

Living Life in the I-Don’t-Know

Life Coach

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I’ve had a lot of questions about why I chose to get certified as a coach and why I went with The Coach Firm over some of the other more well known certification programs and life coach schools. For me, furthering my education is something I believe in. I believe it is my responsibility to […]

The Coach Firm | Life Coach School & Certification

Life Coach

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4 years ago Jared and I had just had our third child. Jared had recently landed what felt like the dream job making great money in the oil and gas industry straight out of grad school. And to top it off, we had an amazing schedule which allowed us to spend every Friday afternoon together […]

4 years ago I almost destroyed my family…

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This morning I was optimistic about my new running route. That was I was optimistic up until about hill number 3 all less than a mile in. It was a precursor to a whole 4 miles. 4 miles all up and down hills. I was struggling on one particular hill and so was my daughter. She said, “Mom, I just can’t do it!”. We were both losing steam quickly and sweating even under the early morning sun.

This experience was something my normally very confident daughter had never faced before (and sooo was her mama!).

In that moment, I felt something inside that I’d known since I was little. And in that moment, I knew it was up to me to remind her of what God had showed me in her long ago…

A Lesson in Self-Confidence from My 5-year-old.

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"We cried when we saw the photos for the first time. Nothing will ever compare to those memories. We will cherish them always, our first precious family heirloom."

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