Sutton Wilderness Senior Session {Oklahoma City Senior Photographer}

Senior year is such a unique time I have come to believe- or- it can be at least. My senior year was filled with frustrations, confusions, and moving half way through it– not exactly ideal or fun but that’s what I was dealt and I could never regret it. As I have begun to work with seniors it has been so fun for me to hear about all their big plans and dreams for the future! Some are off to play college sports while others are done with sports and on to new goals of becoming doctors. Some are just ready for the fun of their senior year to begin and don’t really know what their future plans are just yet. Whether you are a planner or an “impulser”, I think there is merit for both.  Too much planning can honestly be just as stressful as no planning at all. I graduated my senior year knowing maybe 20 people in my class. I had no plans for college and no clue what I wanted to go to school for once I got there. Little did I know though that one volleyball tryout and making the team but not getting to play because I couldn’t afford the fees would lead to a college opportunity which lead to school leadership and ended up paying for my first 2 years of school almost completely. None of that was in my plan but everything fell into place just as it should. Once I was at school I could plan but some of my greatest adventures have come from simply not planning and just going… Sort of like photography! Ha! I never thought I would really be doing senior portraits. But, here I am 8 years after I graduated, getting to capture the crazy, brilliant, kind, and adventurous seniors of 2019.

Erin, congratulations on completing high school!! You are truly an incredible friend, daughter, and individual. Graduation is a time for so many memories for you and I cannot wait to see what the future will hold!

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