Roman: Strong; powerful. An Oklahoma In-Home Newborn Session

Round 2.

A strong embryo.

5 days.

Baby Boy Wright.

He’s so strong.

A fighter.

Bible Study.

A strong baby.


When I first received Maranda’s inquiry about this session I was so excited! When she gave me her and Cain’s story of getting pregnant, I cried. It wasn’t long or elaborate, but it resonated. It brought back the fear of Jared and I being told just weeks after our wedding we would have difficulty getting pregnant and a very low probability of holding a pregnancy at all. But, more so, it brought back the joy and gratitude of finding out we were expecting our first after only the first surgery. And the blessing and appreciation of having three thriving children now. Many of our loved ones have struggled with infertility and some have been blessed with a child of their own while others are still praying fervently. I knew in an instant working with the Wright family would be a highlight for this year. Their story, their sweet family, and strong, thriving (and very sleepy) baby Roman have indeed been a favorite.

Someone recently asked me why a wedding photographer was taking pictures of a baby. My response? I photograph life and legacy. Yes, I specialize in weddings, but getting to follow some of my couples from their engagement through building their families is something I cherish! Getting to work with new clients and capture their experiences that are shaping their own family legacy is something I look forward to. It’s inspiring. It’s humbling. And it’s a constant reminder of the countless blessings and challenges I have to be thankful for.

Getting to work with the new little babies and getting to capture the moments with families in their homes after their whole world has forever been changed is honestly my favorite. Seeing new parents staring at this new baby who has already captured their hearts and their cherished hours of sleep is so sweet. Seeing the space the family has created to welcome their new little one into their home; hearing the stories of meeting their child for the first time and their experiences with feeding, diapers, and learning to recognize their child’s different cries.

Every time I am able to work with a family who has welcomed a new member into their family I am humbled at the goodness of God. Getting to feel and witness the love a parent has for a new child is unlike anything else in this life. I truly do not know a time I have felt closer to God than when each of my three children have joined our family. The humility I feel reminds me of the blessing each child is. It reminds me of the sacrifice of my Heavenly Father and of the love He has for me.

Each baby comes with their own story. Each baby’s story has a beginning whether it be easy or hard, joyful or sad. What I have come to love and appreciate about each story is that no two will ever be the same. Each couple who is blessed with a baby quickly faces different challenges from another just as every couple who prays and waits for months or years for God to bless them with a child will face different challenges from another couple struggling with infertility. These challenges bond a couple and family together if we allow them to. It is a choice. Accept the challenges. For without challenges we would never know the true joy of the blessings.

Roman, Maranda, and Cain, congratulations. It was so fun to work with your family and talk about everything from the number of diapers babies can go through in a day, to college sports and home remodeling! I cannot wait to see your family grow and develop in the years to come. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to witness your miracle and be a part of this special time.

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