Oklahoma City Engagement Session at Will Rogers Garden

“I swiped right.”

Three little words with SO much meaning!!!

Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to talk to so many young women about how they have met or are looking for someone to be in a relationship with. A growing number of those answers have been through online dating sights.

Y’all, I am one of those people who think the idea of online dating sounds worse than having to eat a whole cantaloupe and bushel of bananas by myself. And if you know me, I seriously gag at the idea of eating either, I just can’t handle it. Online dating is terrifying to me. I am SUCH a people person and getting to interact with people face-to-face is just my thing!

So, when people talk about scrolling down a page, trying to find people they are attracted to, and then “swiping right”, I AM AWE STRUCK!! You want to know the craziest thing? It works!

Cue Brooklin and Logan.

One of my favorite questions I get to ask during bridal consultations is how the couple met. Often times I get giggles or “my side first and then his side” stories. Jared and I are definitely the later! (The way I tell it is WAY more accurate and exciting by the way.) But the beginning of Brooklin and Logan began with those three little words I have come to recognize more and more often.

“I swiped right!”

Guys! Every love story has a special beginning and what came next from swiping right is something I have been honored to be a part of!

As a wedding photographer I always try to do an engagement session with my clients. It helps us become acquainted in a different way than if I just show up on the wedding day. I believe spending this special time during this session allows me to serve my clients to another standard than if I don’t. While I do not always have the opportunity to do so, the level of comfort and fun on the wedding day is completely amplified when I do. Don’t get me wrong- we will have a blast on your wedding day regardless but the opportunity we have to build a relationship before hand is just makes your special day that much less stressful and enjoyable.

I love Will Rogers Park and Gardens here in Oklahoma City. Whether you are one of my clients or not, it is a beautiful place for your senior, family, engagement sessions etc.. When Brooklin picked this location she had a why. I love when my clients connect to their location! The joy comes out on their faces. They relax and connect in a different way than people often do in new locations. And we just have fun being in a place they love! It is so fun for me to see the couple interact in this setting and truth be told, I love being able to have a sneak peek into different sides of their relationship: the joyful, the quiet, the contemplative, and the intimate. Being apart of these moments always makes me appreciate the marriage Jared and I share. A marriage like ours is what I wish for my clients. To love and be loved in a way so intimate and adventurous that you cannot help but grow closer and enjoy life just a little more each day.

Brooklin and Logan, I cannot wait to be apart of your special day next year. Here is to a life of friendship, love, and laughter.



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