Multigeneration Family Photoshoot {Oklahoma City, Oklahoma}

I always get a kick out of watching the face of photographers when they are asked if they will do family pictures with +30 people… It is either pure joy because they love big families or pure panic because posing over 30 people where the greater part of those are children is, well, a true challenge. I tend to be the first but as a photographer, I understand both sides of the emotions. Getting a picture with over 30 people looking into the lens is a feet not often achieved. Guess what! Sometimes dreams come true.

My love for big families comes from the fact that I come from a large family and we are just growing every year. I get to work with large families often at family pictures and weddings. The crazy tends to boost the fun for me and I enjoy the opportunity to be apart of such an event! I love getting to hear each family story. It’s inspiring. I love seeing the dynamic between grown siblings. It’s enlightening and often gives me a good laugh. I love getting an image where nothing is going right with 15 kids but getting a picture that captures everything perfectly. It’s real life at it’s fullest. Getting to capture each of the different ages and stages of life is important. I wish I had more pictures of my big family growing up so capturing the sessions is important and honestly close to my heart. Group pictures like this don’t happen often enough. When the opportunity presents itself like this one did I hope the moment is seized and these precious times are captured. There will always be a reason why it couldn’t happen or why it might be canceled (weather being an issue for us this particular day) but after the effort comes the reward.

This special family has been through quite a bit but they are a family who sticks together. It is inspiring to see growth through the ashes and I am honored I was able to capture the joy and the love they share.


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