Simple Winter Senior Session {Moore, Oklahoma}

Once upon a time I was told I was going to have a little sister. Little did I know that sister would grow up to be one of my best friends. Growing up in a big family isn’t always easy but it was at least never boring. I remember this one time I was playing ‘London Bridges’ with Jedera and one of my younger brothers, Tanner. The game went like this… Jed would stand on one end of the room while Tanner stood at the other. I would be holding a blanket in the middle. When I lifted up the blanket as high as I could they were both to run under the blanket to the opposite end of the room before the blanket came down on top of them. The game was a favorite so we played it often. This particular day I guess we got a little to excited and weren’t being as careful because we were going faster than normal back and forth. When I lifted up the blanket for them to run under both dashed for the other side only this time, neither of them made it. You see, instead of running past each other then ran into each other! Tanners solid noggin’ was fine but poor little Jedera took the crown of his head right to her little eye! Let’s just say many tears were shed, I got into trouble, and I have never seen a black eye so bad or last so long! I still feel bad about it and that was almost 15 years ago! Jedera and I don’t play ‘London Bridges’ anymore but we do go to Katiebugs in Oklahoma City for hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows and do our nails together at midnight while watching episodes of Designated Survivor. We may live states away from one another but we find a way to spend time together as often as we can anyways! I want to wish her luck this semester at college and I hope all of her 2019 dreams come true!!

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