Winter Family Session (Norman, Oklahoma}

Being from Montana I just assumed I could handle the Oklahoma cold… Well, I was wrong. So very wrong! This humid winter here chills you to the bones and freezes your fingers until your can’t bend them. Basically, it is COLD. So, when I looked at the weather for this poor families shoot and realized we would be lucky if it reached 40 degrees without the windchill I was nervous. When we got on location and the wind was blowing my nerves really got going. It was freezing and I had two little ones coming. We found the best wind-block we could and you know what?? Everyone ROCKED it!!!! They were serious champs! From paying hide and seek in the grass to hanging upsides down for toddler smiles we were able to push through and get some images that both showed the personality of each family member and showed the love this sweet family shared. It was such a blast and I can’t wait to share this gallery with you!



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