4 littles in 4 years. An Oklahoma In-Home Family Newborn Session

As of mother of three young children I can honestly attest to just how chaotic life can be with littles around. Nothing ever seems to get done. There are endless loads of laundry and mental notes of “Didn’t I just wash this?”. It’s amazing how many dishes there are; how many times you need sweep the kitchen floor in a day. It’s amazing how quickly each morning the house that you spent picking up the night before looks like you never even tried to organize it. Snacks are depleted before you can even get to the next day and lets not even talk about trying to get through the grocery store with just what is on your list!! Y’all, there are endless reasons why mommin’ it is hard. Heck, someone will ask me about the exact age one child started something and all I can think of is “well, it was sometime during my first trimester of my third pregnancy because it happened sometime in between puking 3-5 times a day and being exhausted all day”… I know, how awful is that, right?! BUT, there are those moments that make the crazy, the chaotic, the frustrating and tear-driving moments all worth it. The sweet compliment from a 5-year-old who was making you so darn mad two minutes earler, the smothering-face licking kisses of an almost toddler, the surprise treat brought to you by a three-year-old who wants a snuggle and sweet with mommy.

Every time I get to work with a family I am reminded of those sweet moments I love being a mom. Family sessions can be, well, exactly like mom life but these sweet sessions, the moments that tell the story of life are my favorite. It’s why going into sessions I ask parents to just let go a little bit. We will try our hardest to get that perfect picture of everyone smiling! But, allowing some of those small moments to happen, those moments that are out of our control lead to some of our favorite moments this life has to offer us. Those moments capture the little details of life. The little button nose of the brand new baby, the rolls of those sweet baby thighs, the bashful smiles, and the crazy energy we both love and cant handle at different times of the day!

No, the truth is that family sessions WILL NOT BE PERFECT!!! Y’all, stuff happens! Kids will be kids, parents will lose their cool, and someone is not going to want to smile. That’s just the honest truth! So, DON’T STRESS. Allow things to happen. Allow moments to happen. You won’t regret the moments you allow to become some of the sweetest memories.

If there is one thing that every day as a mother has taught me, it is that we ALL need to give ourselves (AND OTHERS) just a little bit of grace. This life is hard. Watching other mothers of young children is hard because I am living the same story. Every story is different- yes, 100%- but as a mother, these sessions are a chance for me to remember that I need grace because life is happening and I don’t want to miss a thing.

As I watched these little ones interacting (or not interacting) with their family members I had to laugh to myself at how familiar these scenes are. From little sister not really wanting to be a big sister to a shy little brother who really didn’t want the camera on him what-so-ever. I am always grateful for these sessions that remind me how truly blessed I am. I am blessed to work with amazing families. I am blessed to have an amazing family. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve all of my clients and no matter how good or seemingly rough your session goes, I hope the images are a blessing to each and every client as they look back year from now and remember the good and the bad they have come from, the situations and circumstance that will be cherished memories when those chunky baby thighs and crazy dance moves are all grown up.

Enjoy each moments. Life changes too fast. And capture the little things along the way. Ever phone is an opportunity to be an everyday photographer. Take the picture.


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