Beth Hanson l 10 Things About Me

I have been getting some pretty funny comments and questions about myself lately so I figured I may as well tackle this all here in a fun way!

SO, for all those who have been asking- this is for you!!! 10 Fun Facts About Beth Hanson…

  1. I have 7 sisters… and 2 brothers! So yes, when I say I come from a big family, I truly mean A BIG FAMILY. 10 kids total spaced in 19 years- no multiples, same parents, same kind of crazy.
  2. Soccer is my favorite sport to play but volleyball paid for a big chunk of my college.
  3. I have an Associates degree in the Arts; Bachelors degree in Family and Marriage Studies.
  4. I have a total eclectic personality… Like super eclectic. I love everything all at once, want a million different styles in my home decor, and I just NEED 6 different choices of ice cream and 4 different types of Ghirardelli brownies in my pantry at all times! Gotta have my choice open, right??
  5. One of my favorite things about traveling is trying all the new foods! I just can’t help it- I love all the flavors! (Just ask my mother-in-law… She thinks i’m crazy for adding so many different seasoning to things. Salt and pepper just don’t cut it for this momma!)
  6. I’m a natural red head… the strawberry blonde color of red… but my hair changes with every kid… and as I’ve gotten older.
  7. My favorite kind of popcorn is Cinnamon Bear Popcorn. Marshmallows & Cinnamon bears. Try it. It’ll change your life.
  8. I love blankets… Like, my husband thinks I have an obsession. I just call it being well prepared for the next Oklahoma ice storm. Ha! Also, I love them year round. So of course I need blankets for every season… If you have a favorite- I’d love to hear what it is! Drop the link below!!!! Please. 🙂
  9. I have lived in 8 states: Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Montana, and Oklahoma. (No, I am not an army kid.)
  10. I love notebooks and journals. I probably have at least 5 different journals half started at a time and I love notebooks because I take lots of notes and they are cheaper than coloring books so I let my kids color, draw, and write in them as much as they want!

There you have it folks! Now it is your turn. Share a connection we have or an interesting thing about yourself down below!


Featured Image from my sisters wedding, 2016, by Jimmy at Gideon Photography.


The Journal


  1. Gwen Liddell says:

    So excited to see your new website!!!! We do have a very big family but its always been everyone’s favorite place to be. Wherever and whenever we can gather together and be each others best friends. Home is where you loved to bring your friends for homemade bread and toast and honey breakfasts. You were always so good a being creative and having an eye for putting it all together. You could make a flour sack look great! Congratulations and your customers will be lucky to have you do their memory photography because you capture all the love and joy and fun times that will only be seen by you.

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