A Southern Affair at Sweetbelle Farms

You know those opportunities that come out of no where and it seems like it is too good to be true but then it all come together and it is just as good as it seem to be? This wedding is one of those opportunities for this momma.

A few months ago I finally decided to dive back in to my business once my baby was happy, healthy, and growing. One of my favorite ways to meet new vendors is to attend open houses. This particular open house happened to be on a Sunday. If you know me I do not generally work on Sundays. Call me old school but Sundays are family days and I guard them carefully. If I do work on Sundays, my family is 100% a part of that day. This open house was going to be a family event but with a sick 4-year-old and a teething baby my husband stayed home and I brought my two-year-old daughter to see this new, incredible venue with me and meet some local vendors since I was new here to Oklahoma. When I pulled in sweet little Henley Jo sweetly asked, “Mommy, can we live in this house next??” Girl, I WISH!!!! I love the south and pulling into Sweetbelle Farms fulfilled ALL of my southern wedding venue dreams. White pillars, huge trees, and that feeling you just get when you feel like you are home.

Walking in to Sweetbelle I had clean hands, a white shirt, and eyes the size of saucers. After talking with vendors for over 2 hours, meeting some new Okie friends, and meeting the sweetest dog imaginable I left in even more awe, with sticky fingers from yummy catering treats, and a HUGE, bright pink frosting heart stain from where my daughter had tried to share her donut with momma. Basically I was in AWE and a WRECK all at once. Sweetbelle Farms quickly went to the top of my Oklahoma dream wedding venue list.

A few months back this dream became a reality. When I first spoke with Sam, she was less than 6 weeks from her wedding day! Last minute wedding scheduling don’t happen very often because the schedule isn’t normally open that soon in advance and definitely not in the spring wedding season. Lucky for me, this happened to be my only free weekend of the spring! I. WAS. STOKED. Sam and Mike quickly scheduled an engagement session and we had a blast. I don’t know how many times I have gone into a session with a warning about how the fiance doesn’t like pictures, they will only last for 10 minutes, or they won’t have a good attitude about it. Guess what?! As usual, the guy walked out of this session with a smile on his face, having just had a WAY better time than they were expecting, and feeling WAY MORE CONFIDENT in their ability to conquer a professional photo session (and soon, a wedding day FULL of pictures)!!!! As usual, the bride was SO excited the session had gone well, we were new friends, and the excitement for the wedding day multiplied. Guys, engagement sessions SET THE TONE for your wedding day and experience with your photographer. I know it is easy to do your engagement session with a friend which is great (!!) but if you have the opportunity to do your engagements with your wedding photographer pictures on your wedding day go quicker, smoother, and are less stressful. You have worked together and know the system which means magic in minutes!!!

Magic in minutes is exactly what happened! Sam and Mike’s wedding day was BEAUTIFUL. After weeks of rain and flooding here in Oklahoma the weather could not have been more cooperative. I know some bridal suites have confetti (LOVE THIS) and others are full of happy tears, this bridal suite was full of college sports fans watching the game during hair and make up. Guys, baseball is MY JAM and these girls were rocking the play-by-play for the bride whose back was to the screen!!!! Gimme all the college sports and I am one happy girl. From the bride tribe + photographer (me) jumping in front of the bride any time a car came down the road so no one could sneak a peek too early {mr. groom}; from tears in the isle to to a firework finish this day could not have been any more exciting and full of adventures.

As always, wedding days can get crazy but working with an amazing team of vendors makes the stress seem SO MUCH LESS. Last minutes changes, emergency circumstances, and broken shoes cannot ruin your wedding day if you have an incredible vendor team who has your back to take care of your needs on your special day. If you are looking for a team who can do this for you, this team is for you!

Sweetbelle Farms Wedding plantation 
Sweetbelle Farms In house catering 
Allyson Whitney Designs
Cake Diva Online
Scissortail Creative Co-op
MarloHaus Makeup and Hair Artists of Oklahoma
Bella Rose Bridal-Norman
Zach Downing Wedding & Party DJ



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