A Romantic Garden Couples Session + Gilcrease Museum + Tulsa, Oklahoma

One of the comments I hear SO often from my couples is “we haven’t gotten pictures taken since our wedding”. I get it– life is hectic, we get busy, and before we know it YEARS have passed since we took a moment to slow down and capture the love a couple shares. Trust me, I have said this same thing and for all the same reasons! But, I still think taking the time to capture the love you as a couple share for a reason is SO important because it gives a couple time to reconnect and images that they can cherish and share with those they love. That is why I got so excited when Sierra contacted me! We were connected through a mutual friend, Malyn- a wedding planner I have worked with in the past. Remember the Glass Chapel styled shoot— yep, that was her! Over the course of a few weeks Sierra and I discussed different locations in or close to the Tulsa area. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if the location reflects the couple, sessions feel more homey and comfortable. Being from Oklahoma City I feel I have only scratched the surface of this incredible city. Where I have worked so far, I have loved and the list of places I want to shoot continues to grow and grow! When Sierra and Bobby chose the Gilcrease Museum I was beyond excited! Before the session I had the chance to walk around the grounds, scoping out where I wanted to photograph and you know what- I wanted to shoot everywhere! And you know what, Sierra and Bobby were totally game! As March would have it, Oklahoma weather is still finicky and we happened to get one of the cooler evenings this month and the breeze only picked up as the session went on. Sierra was a total trooper in both her dresses no matter how many goose bumps she had! She is so sweet and was willing to trust me and go wherever I asked her to. Her giggle is the cutest and the way she looked at Bobby and he looked at her put Hallmark romance to shame. I have to give Bobby props. A lot of times the guys aren’t exactly thrilled to be at a photo shoot that will last 90 minutes long, have two outfit changes, and where he will at times feel a little silly or vulnerable. But Bobby ROCKED IT! Seriously- props to my best guy yet! This couple right here is a HUGE part of why I love my “job”. Getting to see the love between couples, the laughter, and the quiet is so refreshing and inspiring. It is something seen far too little in today’s world but when you see it, you know it’s different and you cling to it. Thank you Sierra and Bobby for being so amazing. I loved getting to capture your love and cannot wait to see what this life has in store for you.


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