Carissa Collett — Oklahoma City Newborn Photographer

As a photographer I get the opportunity to work with people from all over the United States. In February of 2017 I was able to shoot a very special maternity session for a couple from Idaho who are very dear to my heart. The roller coaster of blessing and trials in order for this couple to hold a pregnancy was heart breaking. Being able to not only be apart o their maternity session but then the sweet session for their sweet little daughter was incredibly special to me. Find their story here.

Que the little sister who fulfilled all of her parents dreams. Meet Carissa. This little gem is a true Idaho beauty! Her little baby blues can melt any heart and her smile can lift any sole. As luck would have it, she decided she needed a nap right before our session. As a mom of 3 I understand that sometimes life (and photo sessions) don’t quite go according to plan but if babies are involved, naps are crucial!!! Because of time commitments we only had 15 minutes to take pictures after her quick snooze!!! Lucky for me Carissa was completely interested in the camera. She was not, however, interested in smiling or giggling or anything besides staring at me! Ha! It took her a few of our precious 15 minutes to loosen up but once she decided she loved the camera the rest of the shoot was a breeze. From giggles with momma to eating her crib she kept a smile on my face.

These in home sessions are so special to me because I get to see the dynamic of relationships and see the love that abides within the walls of a families home. In home sessions hold a special place in my heart because they remind me of bring my own children home from the hospital and those special few months after when we are learning about one another, and building our relationship. Being a mother is both incredibly fulfilling but also incredibly challenging. Getting to experience and capture the moments of both the joy and the struggle is something I cherish and something my clients cherish as well.

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