Bluff Creek Wilderness Fall Family Session | Shaina & Jeff

Want to know my number one pic of advice I give to my family clients (and really all clients) before their sessions? The one things that helps your babies show more love towards you during your session?? Here it is… My BIG secret…


It’s never a surprise to me how much better kids do in their parents opinions when they allow a certain amount of freedom for the children during their sessions. In the last few years of working with families, I have received many Christmas cards from my sweet clients. You want to know what does surprise me? Often time the images selected to their Christmas cards are NOT the “perfect pictures”. They are the real, messy, giggly, no-one-is-actually-looking-at-the-camera ones.

Yes, we will ALWAYS strive to get a traditional pictures. Seeing faces is important. But the moments are what make a family. The tears, the laughter, the not listening, crazy hair and muddy shoes… Whatever it be, let the babies play and let them be little. They are only little for a short amount of time. Not only enjoy this time, but embrace it.

Shaina and Jeff did exactly that. Even dressed to the nines! Little Alex made his own session and we never had a difficult moment. His shoes got mud on them, he was praying with grass and sticks, and he giggled and gave loves the whole session through! Seriously y’all, he is the sweetest little spirit. He also happens to be celebrating a birthday this month and I am beyond excited to watch him grow!

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