Before I get to far into this post I want to confess one thing! I am a super social person. I love people! But I am also human and the idea of putting myself out there and having people trust me blindly or in good faith made me tremble! So, I have to give a special little shout out to this incredible couple right here.

Baylee and Dylan were my first couple I ever got to photograph! It was in fall of 2017.  I was looking for a couple to help me practice what I had been learning in my photography courses and didn’t know anyone being so new to Montana. Thankfully my sister-in-law knew Baylee. Baylee was dating Dylan at the time and they were up for some photography adventures! Baylee is a Montana girl through and through. She and Dylan (who is from California) met online through a dating hub and have been together since. I met Baylee and Dylan for the first time when they climbed out of the car to meet to at our first location. I was so nervous I was shaking! “Shaking in my custom-baby-seal-leather-boots” as Megamind would say! I had gotten to the location WAY EARLY and walked through my spots numerous times even though I had already scouted the location days before because I was so nervous I would screw everything up. From the first moment we started it was a good time! They were so fun and easy to work with! My nerves quickly dissipated as the 90 minutes we had scheduled began. I couldn’t believe the time was flying so quickly. From the Montana hills to the Billings cliffs, Baylee and Dylan were up for anything I asked them to do! We laughed through me being awkward and then laughed through the funny faces and expressions I was capturing. They were raw, authentic, and just completely down-to-earth! I could not have dreamed of a better couple to begin my couples and wedding photography journey with! So, Baylee and Dylan, thank you for sticking with me as I grew as a photographer and thank you for being friends to this day!

Also, I want to wish this incredible couple right here a Happy Anniversary! A year ago I had the opportunity to photograph their wedding in San Diego, California and it was the best!!  I love getting to see the fun life they are creating together! Watch the blog for their wedding post in the near future!

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