Fore no matter how perfect she wants life to be, there is always a story which accompanies it. There is a journey just as important as she is. With her story, the simplicity of her life follows as she intentionally moves forward. She bravely faces her future and seeks to develop her legacy. There is adventure. There is purpose. There is connection. Even among the seemingly imperfect, chaotic or emotional, there is beauty for she is beauty. And beauty became because she believed she could.


warm, timeless, emotive

You and I are connected. We are both adventurers, dreamers and believe in the experiences which bind us to who we truly are. As a photographer, wife, and mother I've come to understand one of the most important gifts we can give to ourselves and those we love and serve is true human connection as well as a connection to our past and our future. I believe in living a life inspired; in living a life full of grandeur and exploration towards something incredible and multi-generational. It is my goal and my honor to document the moments that give your life its greatest meaning and wonder; whether that be your once-in-a-lifetime, multi-day wedding experience or the events that drive you closer to your purpose. 

intentionally documented with simplicity and Purpose. 

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“Beth brings so much energy, excitement and experience that totally calms your nerves and allows you to have fun. She is great at providing direction so that you feel confident and beautiful the whole time."                                                                                                                          -Kristin V.

Wife, momma, photographer. Beth is an ardent dreamer with a love for simple, country living filled with authentic food, beautiful villas, a laid back atmosphere, joyful people and genuine connection.

The moments in time when time stood still and the simplicity of you filled that space. The beauty, the emotion, the details of life preserved in an artful and honest way.  

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It is more than imagery; it's an experience.

Beth hanson & Co.

You want more than a wedding... you want a marriage.  A marriage that makes an impact on your family story. You want a marriage that beats the odds, is fulfilling, joyful and a testament to future generations and the world marriage is worth the effort. You want to create a legacy of strength, devotion and love; a legacy as empowering and devoted as you are. You want photography that enables that story to be told without you having to say a word; imagery captured with purpose and your legacy in mind.                                                                                            - Beth                                           

A love story for the stars and for generations to strive for.
'We love because they loved first.'

"From the beginning Beth sat down with us, listened to what we wanted and made it happen! With the craziness of the day, she and Jared had so much patience and put their heart into capturing the beginning of our forever."

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My purpose and goal with my business is to make a lasting impact on marriages while aiding couples in building a relationship that will be a testament, a legacy for generations to come. I truly believe that the effort is worth the reward. Marriage, your marriage, is your greatest investment. 

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