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"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You were a rockstar yesterday with everything. Our families, the pictures, handling everything so well and just being all around you. I honestly had no doubt we went with the right choice in photographer and yesterday you confirmed that even more. We had multiple people compliment you and say if it wasn't for you are Jared nothing would have went smoothly. So again, thank you so so much. I can't wait to have you photograph all of the different stages of life for us."  

We keep things moving.

when the events run wild

"I can't thank you and Jared enough for everything. You helped me so much. You have the sweetest heart and light up every room you walk into. I am very thankful that I've gotten to know you. You are amazing at what you do. I loved being around you and Jared both! Never stop being you..."

"I'm so grateful God led me to choosing you to capture every moment. Thank you so much for everything!"

We take the time to make
it alright.

when emotions are high... 

"It’s difficult to put into words how incredible Beth is!! I’ve worked with her as a Venue owner and Planner/florist at Sweetbelle farms. She is nothing short of incredible and soooo talented. She truly cares for her couples, their guests and all vendors on board that day. She can keep a face in the worst moments and handle them like a pro. Her photos are absolutely breathtaking! She is a top preferred photographer at our venue (Sweetbelle Farms) and I’m so beyond blessed to have her as a friend. You will not have regrets with Beth!"

-Allyson Whitney Designs

"She truly cares for her couples, their guests and all vendors..."

What the wedding planners are saying...

We often get asked who our ideal couple would be. What would they look like, what would they drive, where would they live? The truth is that while those things are all important to our couples and clients and while we may connect over some of the lifestyle choices, we care about the people y'all are and the marriage y'all are striving to achieve. We get to work with some of the most genuine, kind and selfless people we know and we absolutely love it! From adventurers to homebodies, we get to serve the best couples! For some couples we are quite literally most of their budget and their wedding is designed around an investment in our team. For others, we are a part of a couple's dream vendor team and only take up 2% of their budget and shoot a full, multi-day luxury destination wedding weekend. We love each wedding in its own way and cannot wait to be a part of yours. 

It is no secret that both of us love to read! In fact, we each usually have multiple books going at the same time. Whether it be paper books, kindle books or audio books we will take them any way we can get them! Paper will forever and always be the favorite though. There is nothing like sitting out in one of our favorite spots, listening to the sound of the breeze and just getting to read whether for learning or pleasure. 

Books, books and books. We are readers!

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