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“Beth brings so much energy, excitement and experience that totally calms your nerves and allows you to have fun. She is great at providing direction so that you feel confident and beautiful the whole time."                                                                                                                     -Kristin V.

I'm a wife, momma and ardent dreamer with a love for simple, country living, world traveling, mocktails and being boujee in bare feet. 

There is something special about getting to be behind the scenes during someone's life events. You witness so many emotions, expressions and moments. Capturing those intimate details helps tell your whole story of the day; not just the "perfect" moments.

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Tell me... When you were a little girl did you imagine the wedding you were going to have or the man you were going to marry? When I was 11-years-old I was sitting with 3 of my friends beneath their family boat talking about how Beth was going to marry a +6 foot tall cowboy from Montana who was nice, smart, super hot, had dark hair and blue eyes, made me laugh, was athletic, ripped and could sing. Well, minus the ability to sing (sorry , Babe!) and hazel eyes instead of blue, my super hunk of a husband lives up to all of my childhood dreams and sooo many more! Together we've created a marriage and life that puts our wedding to shame and I am not even sad about it! I can't wait to meet you and your man, celebrate your union on your beautiful day and watch y'all's marriage grow into something incredible; crazy quirks, imperfections and all!

For the bride who wants an intimate, intentional marriage and wedding.

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"This is your love story. make no compromises..."

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"From the beginning Beth sat down with us, listened to what we wanted and made it happen! With the craziness of the day, she and Jared had so much patience and put their heart into capturing the beginning of our forever."

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It is more than imagery; it's an experience.

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You want more than a  beautiful wedding... you want a beautiful marriage.  A marriage that makes an impact on your family story. You want a marriage that beats the odds, is fulfilling, joyful and a testament to future generations and marriage is worth the effort. You want to create a legacy of strength, devotion and love; a legacy as empowering and devoted as you are. You want photography that enables that story to be told without you having to say a word; imagery captured with purpose and your legacy in mind.                                                                                            - Beth                                           

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It's no secret... You have big dreams and goals for your family! And, rightly so! There is so much incredible possible in family and marriage life! Make no mistake; you have the ability to make that incredible life happen! All you need is a vision + this masterplan and you are on your way to that full, fun and progressive family and marriage life you are craving. So, what are you waiting for?? Let's get started!

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